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Hello There!

Welcome to SoUnd Is ToxIc. In this game, you play as Lolite Ermha, a high school student who has just started to plan out her life. Your goal in this game is to help Lolite by making the right decisions with the music beats. If you do well with her, nothing will go wrong.


- Meet Lolite's friends and decide your bestie!

- There's lots of hidden endings as well as two main ones.

- Your choices actually might matter more than you think.

- No one has yet figured out how to save Lolite from messing up! Will you be able to change anything? She keeps making bad music.

- There's lots of clues for you to get a good result at the game.

- Most importantly, no one here is real.

The people who made the game possible:

A. H. Alwagdani took care of the writing, coding and art.

Carlos Jiménez took care of the music and some sounds.

Julie Lac took care of the voice acting.

Angelkite took care of the chibi in the loading screens.

Tom "PyTom" took care of Ren'Py engine.

And let's not forget those who were responsible for the assets in the arts:

Daz Studio, Daz 3D, Daz Originals, Polish, i13, Powerage, Adiene, Silver, AprilYSH.

Outoftouch, SWAM, Rhiannon, GaoDan, DimensionTheory, Notilize, Valandar.

Mac and Linux versions should be tested. If they work, contact me, if they don't... contact me.

This game should not be played by those who have issues with depression, and shouldn't be played by those who are too young.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 16, 2018
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
Made withRen'Py
TagsDark, Horror, Multiple Endings, Violent
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Blog


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SoUnd Is ToxIc - Win 713 MB
SoUnd Is ToxIc - Mac (Beta) 696 MB
SoUnd Is ToxIc - Linux (Beta) 697 MB
Full OST (by Carlos Jiménez)

Development log


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pro this is crazy and creepy but that is what like nice story keeb the good work because you are genius pro it is 2020 but stil a good game

Thanks! <3 

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i cant finsh the game way it is so hard it is like ther is no end


Here see this guide for all endings.



This is giving me chills and good vibes this game is so amazing ♥ I love every single part of it you did a very wonderful job on it i wish more games give me this kind of feelings


Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoyed it ^^ I'm glad you tried it :D

You are very welcome! I also am glad I gave it a try~ ♥


Honestly, when I rated the game, I said everything I wanted to. But I need to insist, I /LOVED/ SIT.  I'm partial to Zandra, but I got attached to all of the trio. Each twist and turn had me hooked and reeling. And while the sprite art was... Definitely original and interesting, I admittedly wasn't big on it at all at first, it grew on me. I love the sprites now, they're all /so/ detailed and gorgeous. So much was done with each and every single one!


DDLC and the fact the game (excuse me--g word) was self-aware is always an aspect of games that heavily messes with me. Holy /crap/ that stuff terrifies me. And when Lolite asked me to "tell her" my actual name? Oh my God was that one Hell of a loop to be thrown for. But the game really became its own, and that was so amazing and excellent to watch. 

I'm ultra hyped for the DLC. 100% was here for the wlw/girl's love content. They're all adorable, please let them be happy.

I admittedly should've taken the content warnings a bit more solidly, but I typically can handle myself pretty well and know when I need to take minute. So that wasn't an issue at all, and 100% a me thing, not you guys.

All in all, 10/10 for this game, you all did an excellent job!! I loved it. I was thoroughly spooked but also emotionally attached & hooked.

Your words truly inspire! I'm so glad you had a great experience! And hopefully I didn't spook you too much ^^ Thanks a lot for giving the game a try, that means more to me than it may seem. Seriously, just you trying out the game is too much :D!

The DLC definitely will add much to see. Just wait on it. I'm hyped to release it too.

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Wow, I'm speechless.  I feel so happy now that I discovered such a great game. It's a shame that this game isn't more popular! That's probably the best Visual Novel I've ever played, I love it so so so much. I wish I could erase my memories just to play it again without a clue lol.  


I loved both Blue and Zandra and I was just like "no no no" when Lolite was about to kill Blue. But when I saw Zandra dead my heart really ached,  I just love her so much. It took me four or five tries to achieve the final ending haha~ Also, this game really reminded me of Doki Doki Literature Club. The soundtracks and the art was really beautiful too.

Thank you for creating such an awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing it <3

Thanks so much for playing! I hope you had a nice experience! And I'm so glad you were able to get the real ending! It's really awesome to know I didn't make it impossible lol :D.

Your words meant a lot! Thanks again, Diabolik! ^^


Got to an ending with the text "unable to reset. no recent files have been found. refer to the game's website for a fix." whereabouts can I find your website AHAKuo? Additionally, what files should I input into the game/my computer to fix this? I've even deleted the folder and re-extracted it from its .rar file and it comes up with the same results. Any help would be appreciated! ^^

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Hey there, Flare! I have posted the fix on my blog (here), in the FAQ. But here's how to fix it:

I'm guessing you're on windows, if so, go to %appdata% and in it you'll find the file "RenPy"

Open the file and open SoUndisToxic, you'll find a "persistent" file. Delete it.

Then go to the game files (where you extracted it) and delete the persistent from the saves folder inside the game files.

That should reset the game completely (fresh start)

Endings will be locked again, but that's part of the story ^^

Hope that helps! :D

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Thank you very much for that, one is able to play and suffer through the game again! :D

Also, Ending 1 is driving me up the wall...it is well hidden between the start and the Sleep ending and I'm frazzled on how to get it. Ending 3 as well is another one I'm not finding any leads to solving. ^^

I will post a spoiler guide for these few endings now. They're supposed to be tricky, but maybe I made them too tricky.

I will post it here: https://soundistoxic.wordpress.com/all-endings-guide/

Hope this helps! 


Ey, this was a genuinely awesome experience from head-to-toe! I've got a whole series that I plan on releasing during these next few weeks starting today, if you'd like to keep up with that. For anyone who's interested in reading my feedback, expect some spoilers, of course.

Overall, my opinion rests that SoUnd Is ToxIc is one of the best visual novel games I've played in a while. The only few knit-picks I'll jab at ya is that I wish tweaking game files directly had more of a role, if at all, within this game so the outcome felt more meaningful and impactful than it already does. Additionally, I suppose having no voices other than Lolite's at the very end served its purpose, but I think the game could've used just a bit of voice acting scattered here and there, excluding the muffled noises of the audio files from calling victims. A prime spot for this could've been right before you discover Blue's dead corpse in that very creepy sequence; it would've come a s a surprise if done correctly because there really hasn't been any sort of clear voice speaking directly to the player.

Here's to hoping that my feedback was helpful, and that you all keep up to date on my gameplay for the series. Have a lovely day, folks.


Oh wow! Thanks so much for this! And I’m so glad you took the time to write this and make a playthrough :D

I’m genuinely in tears!


I just needed to address the voice acting bit. I understand that the game could’ve needed the voice acting, but the reason there wasn’t any, it was because the game (g word) prevented all characters from vocal speaking. 

It’s some lore that I thought would be explained more soon ^^

I’m glad you liked this again! I’m so happy you gave it a try :)

I will spread your series as I can (I’m not too well-known but I’ll try ^^)

Looking forward to the playthrough! <3 Much love ~~

Yeah, you're very welcome for the feedback! Any spread of what I'm providing in my videos is always appreciated, so thank you!

I also get that bit about the voice acting, don't worry there. I think the game did just fine without it ;D


Okay. I just- I love this game so much and wish it was more popular. The 3D character models give me a Life is Strange vibe, which I like, and it has a unique story line. I don't know who of Lolite's friends are my fav though lol. It's hard to choose. 

Btw, I got a little Girl x Girl vibes depending on some of the choices. Is this intentional? :>

I'll definitely be anticipating any of your future projects! 

Thanks :3 I'm so glad you liked the game. The girl x girl stuff was intentional, but not really supposed to happen. I will be working on a free dlc for the game. Adding more to the story ^^

Thanks again for playing ^^ 



really enjoy this game and i've spent about 3 hours playing it but i dont know how to get a proper/the "real" end and its making me so sad because i feel super helpless q_q

this game is amazing and i'll be  recommending it to my friends! keep up the awesome work :)

Thanks for giving the game a play ^^ You're awesome! 

And no worries, I'll post a guide for the real end today on the blog.

Some people got the real end by doing what Lolite tells you to do. 

Enjoy ^^

Here's the guide! (It will contain spoilers, be careful.)



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I played it for the first time and later I got (WARNING SPOILER!!) this.

Suddenly after it crashed.

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Hi there ^^

Just keep playing. Everything is fine :)

Edit: Please add a spoiler warning ^^


I did the edit.
Thanks for the conformation. lol

I thought it was some sort of bug, or idk.

Thanks a bunch! ^^

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Hmm... I think I know a certain green-eyed Japanese schoolgirl who would make a great lyricist to go with Lolite's music. XD


So my laptop died at the exact moment Rupert approaches you in the hall and it SPOOKED THE HELL OUT OF ME! And then I turned my computer back on and the game was UNINSTALLED FROM THE ITCH CLIENT idk if that's part of the game or if that was just a REALLY WEIRD COINCIDENCE but oh my god it was spooky af

Lmao... it could be a part of the game. However, if the issue is blocking you from playing, tell me so I can look into it. If the game was uninstalled on its own, it could be the anti-virus going nuts ^^


I think it was just a glitch! I reinstalled it with the itch client and all of my saves were still there. Working my way through a second playthrough now after getting ending 10 I believe. Very nice game, it's fantastic so far.

Great! Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the game. It's still not over, mind you.

I don't want to post spoilers in the comment section, but I have been trying to do something for an hour and I am utterly stuck. Is there a way I can email you or contact you on twitter so I don't spoil others?

Of course! Send here senseyzone@gmail.com ^^

Hmm.. Thanks to you. I think I found a little bug in the game. I will update in a sec.

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Interesting, nice job devs :P

Thank youu!! Enjoy!