Info about the DLC, and some more news.

Hi there! Till this day, I can't believe I made a game. (Like, just a game.) It's such a great achievement for me to know that I did that at least. And I'm ever happier knowing that many people enjoyed the game and still download it to this day, but I do want to share some news.

A few months ago, I said I would be working on a DLC for the game that can be started at a certain point. I said I would work on the concept, but unfortunately, I have no ideas and no clues as to how I want to work on this DLC. I also had planned to make this DLC a complete overhaul to the game as well. Adding more arts and more scenes. It was gonna be amazing!

Then again, I am lost. And not only that, college has my time on a leash. I cannot begin to feel the freedom I need to work on the concept at least.

That's why I just needed to point out that I might take very long to work on this DLC. Might take too long. As I try to manage working on both my projects The Kuos and S.I.T.. So far, I will keep trying to think up the concept. I will try to bring it, even if it takes me ages.

Another thing I wanted to share is how I wanted to release this game on steam. I didn't want to at first due to the fee I had to pay, but then I knew I might get more attention releasing the game there. So, I might do that with or without the DLC's release. We'll see.

That's all I wanted to say. I hope you guys understand, and again. I will try my best to bring you quality content :)

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Dang over two years, I really hope the DLC is still being worked on, if so take your time! You're doing an amazing job and we are all so proud of you for working so hard for a DLC to a game that was already amazing, you get truly immersed into the deep story, its just so amazing and it keeps the hair on the back of your neck standing at all times, this game is genius

Why thank you!

It's really great to hear that from someone after two years :D

I won't lie, I really didn't even start to work on this DLC. I might never do so. The more I thought about it, I might just ruin the story if I try to extend it in any way. I know it might suck to hear that, but I am actually working on a new game at the moment called Neon Moon. It's over on my twitter.

Again, I'm really sorry to have to say that when you've been probably waiting for its release.

SoUnd Is ToxIc is not an over-and-done story. There is more to it, that's for sure. It's just that, it can't continue in the format of a game anymore (considering the story). So you might see a couple of novels written that explain the rest of the story after the events of the game. And those novels will be available when ready on my official site

Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a great day!

That's absolutely ok if you don't make it, you're the creator after all, you know what's best!!

I just always thought it would be like the game started leaking into the real world and stuff, I'm not very creative so I definitely couldn't think of a cool story like yours, but it makes alot of sense if that isn't the direction you want the game to go, I'd gladly read the novels, this game was such an amazing experience I'd love to read them, I wish I could donate some money but I'm broker than broke, I'll definitely check out Neon Moon as soon as I can.

A dream job I have is being the lead designer of a game, like the person that thinks up all the ideas for the game, the story the characters etc, sadly due to alot of stuff with the current world events that won't be happening for a while, if it even ever does happen :/

Also don't worry about disappointing me or anything, you didn't! It may suck a bit knowing it might not ever come out, but not all hope is lost, I still can replay the game whenever and read the novels once they're ready! The only thing you did is exite me for those and your new game! I'll be sure to check up on them both regularly!

You made an amazing story and it's perfect just how it is, u wouldn't have it any other way!

 As long as you're chosing what you think is best for your amazing story, then that's what I'm rooting for! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to reply, I hope you have an amazing day, I'll be sure to start donating ad soon as I can, you deserve it! 



College is hefty on one's time, and I understand creator's block / drought of ideas. Please do take your time, S.I.T is an amazing game on its own. The DeCline DLC will be great and I am positive of that, but it won't be worth it if it's at your expense.

If you have to scrap DeCline in the end, too, I just want to be sure you're happy with your own end product. As I already said, S.I.T is already an amazing (and completed) game, and it's got so many secrets as is. If people truly want what the DLC would have been (or so I imagine what it would have been), fan art and fanfiction, etc. are very common and there are other skilled creators.~

As that's been stated, have you considered a larger team being built? I know compensation is a (very valid) concern of yours, but I'm sure people would be willing to draw out a game plan with you and hear you out before hopping on and just demanding money from you. Just ideas. Either way, like I said. S.I.T is beautiful, wonderful, I enjoyed it as is. You did great, and no sweat on this, okay? <3 Please take care.

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Thank you, Florian. I appreciate your advice and your care and I'll take what you said to heart <3 I may end up just releasing the game on steam, but then again, who knows what could happen?

Right now, it's just a problem of time, but I'll manage hopefully.

Thanks again! You're a wonderful person!


You should totally release this game on Steam! 

By the way, if you need a Russian localization, I could help with that, I think. (I often see Russian reviews on Steam, where they complain about being required to read in English too much - they're basically playing through the game without understanding it. Crazy, but that's what it is.)

I have never translated VN's or other games before, but one has to start somewhere, I guess :-)


Hi there, I am planning on doing so (releasing on steam). But, currently, I cannot afford the fee, but maybe I can next week or after. And as for the localization, I wouldn't want to put that on you without compensation. I will see about this localization soon, and thanks for telling me about it :)