Info about the DLC, and some more news.

Hi there! Till this day, I can't believe I made a game. (Like, just a game.) It's such a great achievement for me to know that I did that at least. And I'm ever happier knowing that many people enjoyed the game and still download it to this day, but I do want to share some news.

A few months ago, I said I would be working on a DLC for the game that can be started at a certain point. I said I would work on the concept, but unfortunately, I have no ideas and no clues as to how I want to work on this DLC. I also had planned to make this DLC a complete overhaul to the game as well. Adding more arts and more scenes. It was gonna be amazing!

Then again, I am lost. And not only that, college has my time on a leash. I cannot begin to feel the freedom I need to work on the concept at least.

That's why I just needed to point out that I might take very long to work on this DLC. Might take too long. As I try to manage working on both my projects The Kuos and S.I.T.. So far, I will keep trying to think up the concept. I will try to bring it, even if it takes me ages.

Another thing I wanted to share is how I wanted to release this game on steam. I didn't want to at first due to the fee I had to pay, but then I knew I might get more attention releasing the game there. So, I might do that with or without the DLC's release. We'll see.

That's all I wanted to say. I hope you guys understand, and again. I will try my best to bring you quality content :)

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College is hefty on one's time, and I understand creator's block / drought of ideas. Please do take your time, S.I.T is an amazing game on its own. The DeCline DLC will be great and I am positive of that, but it won't be worth it if it's at your expense.

If you have to scrap DeCline in the end, too, I just want to be sure you're happy with your own end product. As I already said, S.I.T is already an amazing (and completed) game, and it's got so many secrets as is. If people truly want what the DLC would have been (or so I imagine what it would have been), fan art and fanfiction, etc. are very common and there are other skilled creators.~

As that's been stated, have you considered a larger team being built? I know compensation is a (very valid) concern of yours, but I'm sure people would be willing to draw out a game plan with you and hear you out before hopping on and just demanding money from you. Just ideas. Either way, like I said. S.I.T is beautiful, wonderful, I enjoyed it as is. You did great, and no sweat on this, okay? <3 Please take care.

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Thank you, Florian. I appreciate your advice and your care and I'll take what you said to heart <3 I may end up just releasing the game on steam, but then again, who knows what could happen?

Right now, it's just a problem of time, but I'll manage hopefully.

Thanks again! You're a wonderful person!


You should totally release this game on Steam! 

By the way, if you need a Russian localization, I could help with that, I think. (I often see Russian reviews on Steam, where they complain about being required to read in English too much - they're basically playing through the game without understanding it. Crazy, but that's what it is.)

I have never translated VN's or other games before, but one has to start somewhere, I guess :-)


Hi there, I am planning on doing so (releasing on steam). But, currently, I cannot afford the fee, but maybe I can next week or after. And as for the localization, I wouldn't want to put that on you without compensation. I will see about this localization soon, and thanks for telling me about it :)