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Before Dark Title

The winds took him, Neon, the little neon ball too weak to survive in the dark world, the winds took him away from home and far away from his family.

Lead Neon back, get him back to his family safely, and keep him from harm.


The way is riddled with danger.

Before Dark is a mobile (and also soon a PC) game that's coming first to android then to iOS. It's a time-race platformer where your character can die if they stay too long in a level, and also they cannot jump and hence need to use the environment to reach places.

In Before Dark, you have to pass many areas in order to reach Neon's family place. It is a dangerous road, too difficult to master yet easy to figure out. Each level is drawn with love and made to be difficult enough to not be impossible.

The platforming part of the game is quite interesting too, since Neon is a ball that cannot jump, he has to make use of his speed and rolling against walls.

This game is still in development and is currently only available for android.

Right now, the version available contains two locations, and they are City Gardens and Cloud Point.

Help me in developing this game by downloading and testing the game. Report any issues and I will fix them!

Thank you! <3

*If you want to track development of this game, check these links:

Blog of the official website






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لعبه جدا جميله ولاكن في بعض الملاحضات

1.بعض المراحل ما تعرف ايش تسوي نهائي لحد ما انا بنفسي اكتشفت بصدفه ان الوحات فيها معلومات +الوحات صعب تفتحهن عشان تعرف الموجود

2.اللعبه من ناحيه الفكره جميله ولاكن فيها بطئ لو كانت. السرعه مثل البرق الاصفر الموجود لكانت اجمل بكثير لاني بكل. اللعبه استمتعت ب افكت وسرعه البرق الاصفر اكثر شي

3.الوقت قصير لو مافيها خساره من الوقت افضل بمعنئ الوقت يكون للنجوم الي تربحها فقط واذا تجيب نجوم اكثر يجي الاعب مثل جائزه زياده سرعه او شكل للكوره

4.التحكم مثلا في بمرحله كان لازم اقعد ادور بلكوره مرتين حتئ يجي بوست بس بسبب التحكم اتعذبت


اشكرك على كل هذي النقاط!

والله ساعدتني.

بشأن الجوائز مثل شكل الكوره. ذي من الاشياء اللي راح اضيفها في الاخير.

اغلب اللي قلته ناقص راح ينضاف في اخر مراحل التطوير باذن الله

شكرا مره اخرا! 


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